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On-Demand IT Consulting

When your workloads are high and your deadlines are tight, DigiTimber is here to help. Take advantage of the full range of professional IT consulting expertise that DigiTimber can offer your business to help it grow. DigiTimber offers a free IT assessment to all of our potential customers to ensure that we understand your business needs, as well as providing you with insight to our processes. No project too big or too small for us to assist with the planning, procurement, implementation, training, or maintenance.

Contact us today to find out how we can assist with your IT needs!

DigiTimber offers a free IT assessment to all of our potential customers to ensure that we understand your business needs, as well as providing you with insight to our processes.

A short list of things we can assist with:

  • Backup and disaster recovery and planning
  • Network and infrastructure design and implementation
  • Phones, communication applications, and VoIP solutions
  • End user support and training on new or existing technologies
  • ISO, HIPPA, PCI, and other compliance regulations
  • Risk assessment and mitigation for all aspects of the business
  • Security compliance and penetration testing
  • General application administration
  • Server deployment and administration
  • Storage system and database administration

Managed IT Solutions

Backup IT Department

For clients who have existing in-house support, DigiTimber is available to backup and assist for those unique and new technology projects. We can also act as tier 3 support to an existing department that may not have enough experience with a specific issue or upcoming project.

Server and Workstation Hardware

Need a new storage server? Maybe you’re looking to upgrade all of your employee’s workstations, but aren’t sure where to start. We can assist in crafting new infrastructure and services, or to help you update existing systems to what you really need. We can work with any internal purchasing or ordering requirements to ensure that your business gets exactly what it needs.

Server and Infrastructure Maintenance

Managing and monitoring a network environment can be tedious and somewhat daunting to inexperienced technicians. DigiTimber can help alleviate some of the stress by handling network updates as well as server and workstation security patching. DigiTimber will work hard to help minimize downtime, increase reliability, and provide feedback on potential issues in your environment.

Security and Risk Assessment

When choosing a managed services provider, it is important for IT leaders to explore a service provider’s security processes and procedures thoroughly and not focus just on technology. DigiTimber can provide a comprehensive security audit to detail required updates to processes and procedures in order to ensure your data is secure.

Office 365 and Microsoft Azure Migrations

We can securely migrate your current system into Azure and the Office 365 suite, with minimal time and stress. We’ll make migrating to Office 365 easy and ensure your business is uninterrupted in the process. Cloud computing with Azure tends to be less expensive and more secure, reliable and flexible than on-premises servers. With an ever-expanding set of cloud computing services, your business will experience the benefits of increased productivity, enhanced security and competitive pricing.

Offsite/Onsite Backup and Disaster Recovery Planning

Do you know what files are important to your business? Are they backed up regularly? Have you tested them to verify that they could be used in the event of a complete data loss? If you can’t answer yes to all of these questions, we can help architect a disaster recovery plan that can ensure your data is safe.

IT Department on Demand

Businesses of all sizes need IT infrastructure and support, but not all businesses can afford full time administrators. We’re here to be your IT department when you need it. We provide day to day IT support for you, your employees, and your business. DigiTimber can support any existing infrastructure, or help to build a new one.