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Monthly Informative and Discussion Articles – All Things Website Design, Hosting, Support, and More!

by DigiTimber 

Welcome to the first of many informative, educational, and engaging articles to come!

As we open each discussion topic, we aim for it to be naturally that, a “discussion.” We love hearing your thoughts and are more than willing to walk through your website hosting journey (and beyond) to help you find and maintain success along the way. Please inquire about the topics presented with the comments below or contact us today. 

We also want to utilize this space to inform YOU as much as we can. Each of the weekly articles posted will aim for a mission to introduce the topic at hand, discuss why this topic is relevant for you, action steps surrounding this topic, and finally, a summary of all of the above!  

Again, please comment below if you have any questions or thoughts on upcoming topics relevant to you and your website hosting needs! 

Topics Presented?

Ever feel like you are asking your tech support too many questions? 

Guess what, you are doing your job!

Information is key, and determining what is best for your business is a step towards prolonged success. 

Nice work! 

We decided to create a space for your questions to be heard paired with other topics we have deemed essential to discuss based on our experience working with you for over 20 years! 

So what can I expect?

We will choose a monthly theme and branch out within that theme each week. See an upcoming topic you are interested in? Stay informed and learn more about advances in the world-wide-web that we can help you attain, better understand, or avoid entirely! 

We geek out, so you don’t have to.  

Topics to look forward to in the following weeks:

  • Domain Registrations – The difference between registrars and email names, DNS providers, and hosting…
  • SSL Certificates – What the heck is an SSL cert? Examples of external/”free” certs.
  • Anatomy of Hosting Services – The content, the website, the email hosting, and everything in between.
  • Why Unlimited Hosting is Not Actually Unlimitedhow to avoid spending too much on your website!
  • Website Builders and Frameworks – who/what is a website builder and their relationship with the host.
  • Email services – custom email name, spam filtering, mail delivery, and so much more!
  • Website Optimization – Frameworks, caching, and how every site is different. 
  • SEO – Search engine optimization for your website and why you are not receiving the traffic you deserve!
  • Backups, and so SO much more!

Again, please comment below or on our social media posts to let us know what you want to learn! 

Educating yourself through these weekly 5-minute easy read articles is a fantastic start to a better understanding of website health and proficiency. 

You work hard to ensure your website represents your brand. Let us work to create a safe, user-friendly, and functional hosting experience for you and your audience.